Notes on SOUNDFILE INPUTS in the orc/sco examples

The following orc/sco examples within this tutorial

   ex3-2   ex3-6
   ex5-1   ex5-2  ex5-3  ex5-3-2  ex5-6  ex5-7  ex5-8
   ex6-1   ex6-2  ex6-3  ex6-4-1  ex6-4-2  ex6-4-3
require soundfile inputs. On the ECMC systems, all of the input soundfiles used in this tutorial currently are mono 44.1k 16 bit integer AIFF soundfiles from the sflib ("soundfile library") directories. Non-ECMC users will need to substitute suitable soundfiles on their own system to make these tutorial examples work.
(1) SOUNDIN/DISKIN examples

The following orc/sco examples

   ex5-1   ex5-2  ex5-3  ex5-3-2  ex5-6  ex5-7  ex5-8
employ Csound unit generator soundin or diskin and require either These link files (or else source soundfiles) On the ECMC systems, the following collection of soundin.# link files, pointing to digitized environmental, vocal and percussive sound sources, is used for the examples above:

soundin.1   points to soundfile   /sflib/env/wind.low  (low pitched blowing wind; duration 10.68 sec.)
soundin.2   points to soundfile   /sflib/env/caridle   (a car idling; duration 15.0 sec.)
soundin.3   points to soundfile   /sflib/env/riverlock (gushing water; duration 14.0 sec.)
soundin.4   points to soundfile   /sflib/voice/sop1.b3 (a soprano tone; duration 6.36 sec.)

soundin.5   points to soundfile   /sflib/perc/tam     (a tam tam; duration  27.96 sec.)
soundin.6   points to soundfile   /sflib/perc/plate1   (a metal plate; duration 14.97 sec.)
soundin.7   points to soundfile   /sflib/perc/gong.ef3 (a large gong; duration 8.47 sec.)
soundin.8   points to soundfile   /sflib/perc/cym1 (cymbal struck with snare stick; dur. 12.4 sec.)

soundin.9   points to soundfile   /sflib/perc/tb1    (a temple block; duration .157 sec.)
soundin.10  points to soundfile   /sflib/perc/tb2    (a higher pitched temple block; duration .2 sec.)
soundin.11  points to soundfile   /sflib/perc/wb      (a woodblock; duration .2 sec.)
soundin.12  points to soundfile   /sflib/perc/crt.fs6 (a crotale; duration 5.47 sec.)

soundin.13  points to soundfile   /sflib/perc/bongo1.roll  (a bongo roll; duration 1.175 sec.)
soundin.14  points to soundfile   /sflib/perc/sleighbells  (shaken sleighbells; duration 1.43 sec.)
soundin.15  points to soundfile   /sflib/perc/maracaroll  (a maraca roll; duration 3.32 sec.)
soundin.16  points to soundfile   /sflib/x/voicetest    (a speech fragment; duration 7.26 sec.)
soundin.17  points to soundfile   /sflib/perc/sdrum1.broll (snare drum roll with wire brushes; duration 1.633)

ECMC users can create all of these soundin.# link files with the command mktutsflinks, and can remove all of these links by typing rmtutsflinks.
(2) Additional input soundfile orc/sco examples

Three additional orc/sco examples in this tutorial

   ex3-6 (employing tablei and phasor), and
   ex6-1 and ex6-2 (employing loscil)
also require soundfile inputs. However, these three examples use gen 1 to read the input soundfiles into RAM, and thus do not require that these soundfiles be identified by a soundin.# link file (or soundfile) name.